About Us

This firm is a brainchild of IITians and top-notch industry leaders having many decades of combined experience in IT industry. 

Founded in early 2012 by few business oriented techies with the sole purpose of applying technology to solve business problems with greater control and ease.

Headed by the woman power who not only heads the business strategy but also meticulously drives the execution to ensure continuous value add to clients. 

UniGPS focusses on the various sensors in IOT (Internet of Things) world.  To begin with, location sensors also known as GPS devices including mobile handsets and wristwatches are bundled into products portfolio to offer fleet management, sales force field executives tracking and kids' monitoring.



Founder & CEO


Deepti Kohli

Born and brought up in the grandness of Indian capital, Deepti spent more than a decade in the corporate world leading multi-million dollars projects to bring transformational impact to the organizations she worked for.  After working in the software world, she decided  to take up even bigger challenge by launching this firm.

Managing Partner, CTO


Rajesh G

A technologist who has solid engineering background and has spent nearly two decades in the technology industry building IT platforms to transform the related businesses.

Rajesh earned his Masters in Technology from IIT Madras in January 2000.  Before M.Tech, he secured second rank (Prod Engg) in the University of Marathwada, Maharashtra.  Since 2000, he has played various roles in the Information Technology industry to build many product platforms.  Besides, he spent more than a decade working with Fortune 500 companies in Investment Banking area.  Click here to visit his in-depth profile. 

Head – Sales (Indore & MP)

Saudan Thakur

Saudan Thakur

Rose from humble farm background, Saudan Thakur completed his bachelors in Engineering and went on to pursue Masters from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.  After completing his M. Tech in Industrial Engineering & Management, he straight jumped into the world of entrepreneurs.

He has 15+ years of industry experience and joined the firm in late 2013.  Since then he has been managing Operational aspects of the firm. He is quite friendly in nature and enjoys interacting with clients.

Head – Operations

Harish Kumar

Harish Kumar

Harish has done a remarkable work in the field of operations & sales.  He has spent nearly a decade in the industry working in automotive & insurance industry.  His dedication, trust & commitment to the firm is unparalled.  He is a multi-skilled and an inspiration to work with.