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Every business wants to save both money and time. Tracking the assets becomes an essential part in this. The right asset tracking techniques helps to lower your administrative costs, increase productivity, improve your customer service, and expand your business with ease.

Asset tracking system updates you about the valuable assets you own, its exact location and condition of the asset and also gives live alerts via SMS and email if the asset needs urgent attention.

Asset tracking requires lots of manual work hence usage of asset tracking software saves lot of time. A smaller company may be able to track the assets manually however it is a tedious task for a bigger organization to track every physical asset on a manual basis. So, an asset tracking system becomes a must.

The assets can be traced easily through bar codes, RFID or GPS tags etc, irrespective of the location you are in. Hence, it is a suitable way to ensure the accurate tracking of all the physical assets of the business.

An organization can have several assets and they can primarily be divided into 2 categories- tangible assets that include- servers, laptops, computers, vehicles etc and intangible assets which include contracts, goodwill, copyright etc. 

The loss or damage of these assets can incur huge loss to the companies.

Asset Tracking System Benefits

Asset Life is Enhanced

When any asset is purchased, it is done with an intent of generating income on a long term basis. Assets managers are aware of the significance of keeping the assets in a running condition.

When the asset managers have the clear picture of the assets like how many assets are working, how many need a maintenance etc, then they can be strategized accordingly.

This assessment helps to understand where and how the costs have to be distributed. This also saves money, time and extends the life of the asset.


Everything Is Trackable

Any company must track and document their assets in detail. Asset tracking software makes it easy to track all kinds of physical assets and document them in one place.

The documentation includes details like owner’s contact details, terms of the contract, pictures of the assets and product guide.

On-time Maintenance

Sudden damage or fault in the product can add to an unnecessary expense. Through the asset tracking software, you can schedule a routine maintenance which would keep them in a good condition for a long time.

This can be done as a part of regular maintenance activity. It can be done at a certain period depending on the nature of the asset or the business.

Why Choose Asset tracking Solutions from UniGPS Solutions

The UniGPS asset tracking system can record the usage of the assets and generate various reports. The accurate information of the assets is given on the real-time basis so that you can allocate the assets to the user, departments, locations and also check the Check-in and Check-out process.

The tracking system also permits you to change the status like in-use, in-stock, out of repair, damaged or any custom status.

Benefits of Tracking the Assets from UniGPS

  • Safety of valuable assets
  • 24/7 Asset tracking Anywhere Any Time on Real-Time basis
  • Monitor Precious Assets
  • Theft protection
  • Preventing Assets misuse
  • Information on Assets
  • Locate your Assets
  • Providing excellent customer service