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Key Roles Fleet Management can Play in your Construction Business

Key Roles Fleet Management Can Play in your Construction Business Contact Us “Key Roles Fleet Management Can Play in your Construction Business” It is a misconception amongst people that when we talk about vehicle tracking system, it is mainly needed in the shipping and freightage companies. However, we want to expose the myth. Even the […]

Benefits of Using Fleet Management Software in the Logistics Industry

Efficient logistics is a crucial part of the smooth running of the business. Logistics is an important part of supply chain management that is utilized to design and control the flow and storage of goods and services required to fulfill the client’s requirement. The logistics industry is growing at a fast pace and fleet management […]

The Future Scope of GPS and Tracking

The Future Scope of GPS and Tracking Global Positioning System (GPS) is much more than just the means of finding a way while commuting. It fulfills a much higher purpose than finding the fastest route. They help you to monitor crucial parameters like speed, trip distance, geo-fencing, real-time tracking among others. GPS trackers have paved […]

How to Choose GPS Fleet Tracking System- Things to Consider

GPS tracking system has gained extensive popularity in the last decade. Operations of businesses have revolutionized and running a fleet of vehicles is no exception to this.  GPS fleet tracking system is like a virtual guide of the vehicle. It helps you to monitor different aspect of the vehicle without you being physically present and […]

GPS Tracking for Cars

uniGPS Live Tracking for Cars Contact Us “What is AIS-140 Vehicle Tracking System?” The COVID-19 pandemic impacted drastically on Car rental industry because travel volumes in cities dropped dramatically.This pandemic is stressful and also it can cause anxiety,fear, panic in many people.During this pandemic drivers should drive the car responsibly.Drivers behaviour about hygiene,rash driving ,stoppages,routes etc […]

Why is GPS Tracking Essential For Your Business Growth

Why is GPS Tracking Essential For Your Business Growth Contact Us These days, GPS tracking is not just restricted to logistics and transportation firms but are equally necessary for delivery services, ambulance, car dealership, construction and many more. GPS tracking has been there for years but its demand has increased considerably in recent times. The […]