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Universal GPS Tracking | IOT FleetLytics Platform


TRAVELs Businesses can get benefits from uniGPS by saving your operational cost by 30%

Travels need to provide Excellent service to the customers. Especially nowadays, with the influence of web portals, the Travel industry is under constant scrutiny regarding the quality of the service provided. It is continuously evaluated on various opinion websites. Travel industry struggles to provide a safe and healthy environment for customers and also need to maintain efficient operations. In Order to overcome these challenges and to increase the safety of the Transport system uniGPS Solution introduced this live Tracking device. Gps Tracking device provides information on operators driving styles and patterns. Travels can increase the safety of their employees and customers and also can monitor the Travel vehicles using AIS 140 devices and SOS buttons.

If your Travel provides cab service ,a receptionist may be frequently asked by guests as to when the vehicle is arriving for pick up;instead of calling several times a day just let the guest know an estimated time of arrival(ETA). We provide “Trip Share” feature to reduce your workload and to reduce passenger anxiety and queries.


  • 24/7 Vehicle tracking Anywhere AnyTime in Real-Time
  • Safety of passengers
  • Monitor Drivers behavior
  • Theft protection
  • Preventing vehicle misuse
  • Information on over-speeding drivers
  • Locate your vehicles
  • Service reminder for Travel vehicles
  • Save on maintenance cost and fuel cost
  • Providing Excellent customer service


  • Choose the Nearest Travel vehicles: Here you can find the nearest Travel vehicles and Admin can assign a vehicle that is nearest to the passenger’s location by using on-demand Intelligent routing in uniGPS Fleet Management System.
  • Trip Report -Send Real-Time SMS Alerts and Data to Admin: Trip Report will provide the complete information about over speeding, stoppages, route history notifications through SMS and email in real-time and also the system will generate the whole day report, through this easily you can take action and decision about the driver.
  • Panic Button-SOS & alerts: When the SOS button is pressed, the device automatically sends a text message and alerts to managers or admins mobile. So that admin can communicate with the driver quickly and can take immediate action.
  • Multiple Admin Access facility
  • Trip Share to end customer/client/parent through URL link for live tracking by email/SMS (Just like OLA/UBER)
  • Analytical reports
  • Ignition On / Off reports
  • Trip Recording and Replay
  • The geo-fencing facility at start and destination locations
  • On-Demand reports (downloadable in CSV format)


  • AIS 140 devices
  • ICAT/ RTO Approved device
  • BSNL Certification provided
  • Made in India Devices

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