In today's complex world, kids' safety is the prime concern that every parents have.  Our solution provides a great sense of safety as parents can track their kids and know their whereabouts any time any where.

UniGPS provides multifunction Kids Smart Watch.   This works seamlessly on Airtel,Idea and Vodaphone 2g package,supports GSM micro SIM Card, Two-way calls, SOS emergency call,GPS Tracker, Pedometer, Alarm Warning when taken off.  This is the best smart wristwatch for kids' safety.

Watch Features:

  • Dual mode positioning :GPS + +LBS (Base station positioning).  Check the position at anytime anywhere.  Achieve all day real-time location tracing.
  • Two way communication: Can be used as a cellphone and call each other at any time; Remote voice monitor: The watch need to set monitor number firstly.  After give voice monitor command, dial to monitored number.  This is one-way talk.
  • GEO Electronic Fence:  Set an area in advance, if your kids go out of the area, it will alarm which ensure your kids’security
  • SOS emergency call: If your kids are in danger just to long press SOS key for 3s. It will display SOS on screen. Watch will be on alert state. Circular dial 3 SOS numbers for two turns. It will stop when call answered. If not, it will continue until the two turns over. Watch can send message to monitor number.  You can set 3 alarm numbers.
  • Alarms system: SOS alarm, low battery alarm, take off alarm
  • NOTE : A micro SIM card is required with active DATA & VOICE plan

SIM installation steps:

  1. Open back cover (with 4 tiny screws )
  2. Lift the battery carefully &.insert the sim card into the slot.

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