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Secure Your Ambulance with uniGPS Live Tracking System

“uniGPS live tracking system is an important asset for the ambulances and medical institutions. Ambulances that are installed with the GPS will gather the location information from the satellites and send it continuously to the remote server with the help of GPRS enabled devices “

We are familiar with the concept of an emergency ambulance, an ambulance which is used to move patients rapidly to critical care in an emergency room under required medical condition.UniGPS provides you much needed control and insights into when your ambulances pick up your patients and reach the hospital so that your team can do the right preparations ON TIME. Every second count when it is an EMERGENCY…
uniGPS live tracking system can help Ambulance drivers in assessing the shortest route in emergency situations with its Trip History feature and saving fleet’s fuel expenses. Also, the system reminds the admins for the upcoming maintenance of Ambulance; making sure the Ambulance is maintained properly.

1. Choose the Nearest Ambulance

In case of emergency, every second count. Using On-demand Intelligent routing in uniGPS Fleet Management System, we can find the nearest Ambulance  and Admin can assign an Ambulance which is nearest to the patient’s location of the emergency. Here system will assist the driver to choose the shortest and efficient route. By this system, Ambulance can reach the patient in a short period of time and can save a life.

2. Send Real-Time SMS Alerts and Data to Hospital staff

Hospital staff or Admin will receive the data that the live location of the Ambulance and its speed. Live GPS tracking solution can help ambulances to quickly reach the spot of an accident, returning back to the hospital, and also hospital staff will get to know about the exact time when a patient will arrive. Hospital staff can watch the ambulance with real-time GPS tracking data and can make them prepared with necessary equipment and medicines.

3. Multiple Admin Access facility

In case hospital operates several ambulances ,the system can be used by multiple admins.It helps to improve drivers efficiency.This fleet management system helps in checking vehicle performance and maintenance.Admin can easily get the information about trip history,drivers behaviour ,rash driving etc.So that Admin can take action about drivers and can ask drivers to drive cautiously

4. Panic Button-SOS & alerts

In Ambulances ,the panic button can alert the central room and the GPS-Global Positioning System device will help you in the emergency situations such as when the critical patient in the ambulance, accidents, break down etc.When the SOS button is pressed, the device automatically sends a text message and alerts to managers or admins mobile.So that admin can communicate with driver quickly and can take immediate action.


5. Monitor Driver’s behavior

The Admin can monitor the driver’s behavior by uniGPS Fleet management system. This will provide complete information about over speeding, Stoppages, Route history, Geofence entry, and exit. The system sends the notifications through SMS and email and also system will generate the whole day report, through this easily you can take action and decision about the driver.


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