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Six Reasons to buy GPS from uniGPS

“Six Reasons to buy GPS from uniGPS”

1.Behaviour- Detects over -speeding, Stoppages, Landmark (Geo zone) entry and exit timings -

The Admin can monitor the drivers behavior by uniGPS Fleet management system. This will provide the complete information about over speeding, Stoppages, Route history, Geofence entry and exit. System sends the notifications through SMS and e-mail and also system will generate the whole day report, through this easily you can take action and decision about driver.

This system can be used by multiple admins.It helps to improve drivers efficiency.This fleet management system helps in checking vehicle performance and maintenance.Admin can easily get the information about trip history,drivers behaviour ,rash driving etc.So that Admin or Manager can take action about drivers and can ask drivers to drive cautiously.

Monitoring driver behaviour,knowing that they are being monitored will prompt drivers to handle their assigned vehicles responsibly. This device will monitor the location and will store its data on journeys.This fleet management system helps in checking vehicle performance and maintenance.

uniGPS Solutions dealing with technologically advanced Vehicle Tracking and Analytics Solutions in Travel sectors to track the Bus, Car, Taxi ,Two wheeler etc. Vehicles that are installed with the GPS will gather the location information from the satellites and send it continuously to the remote server with the help of GPRS enabled devices.

uniGPS is an efficient vehicle tracking with intelligent  routing system .It provides  notifications ,alerts and reports in real time about  the vehicle’s overspeeding ,stoppages, Geo fency entry and exit etc.Also the system reminds the admins for upcoming maintenance of the vehicle; making sure the vehicle is maintained properly.  

2.Intelligent routing with time and distance calculation in Real-time

An efficient tracker for vehicle tracking with intelligent routing system is designed and implemented for tracking the movement of any vehicle from any location. The proposed system uses an inexpensive technology that combines a smartphone application with microcontroller. The user will be able to continuously monitor a moving vehicle on demand using the smartphone application and determine the estimated distance and time for the vehicle to arrive at a chosen destination. Apart from this, the system is designed further to account for the case of falling to catch one’s vehicle by dynamically suggesting a new vehicle within one’s reach with an estimated time and route. The data collected using the fleet tracking systems effectively used to predict the estimated arrival time of the vehicles. The feasibility and effectiveness of the system are presented through experimental results of the vehicle tracking system with the advantages and challenges.

3.Real Time Tracking -Real Time Fleet and Vehicle Track Analytics with travel history-

Real-time gps monitoring  systems are used to automatically identify and track the location of vehicles or people in real-time. Examples of real-time locating systems include tracking automobiles through an assembly line, locating pallets of merchandise in a warehouse, or finding medical equipment in a hospital. Using this device in the Travels management system, helps these companies to monitor their fleet in real-time and business become more competitive and also make these companies improve their productivity and profitability.

4.Management and Reports -Engine runtime, Fuel consumption, Trip reports by vehicles /month /day -

uniGPS provides Vehicle Tracking and Analytics Solutions reports for Fleet Management, Employee/Client Mobility, Vehicle tracking, Route optimization and Analytics, Vehicle security system report, etc.
Below are the detailed reports generated by uniGPS

  • Live Tracking of the Vehicle, Trip Recording and Reply reports
  • Geo-fencing facility at start and stoppage location reports
  • Generates all reports via Email
  • Stoppages and idling reports
  • Generates reports on driving violations -speed, AC and Door status
  • Generates fuel level reports
  • Charts-based on Vehicle usage, Time, Distance covered, Fuel level, etc
  • On Demand reports (downloadable in CSV format)- Fleet View (Tabular), Fleet Utilization(Total/Current Month/ Day wise reports)
  • Route History report, Trip report
Benefits of uniGPS Live Tracking System
  • The emergency button SOS Calls/Alerts  
  • Live location updates Real-time track  
  • Analytical Reports  Reduce losses due to theft
  • Reduce fuel costs Safety  
  • User-friendly Eliminate Anxiety
  • Best Service Reduce Labour cost

5.Low Operating Cost -Reduce wastage,pilferages,improve trip turnaround time -

Live Tracking devices can be used for trucks, vans, cars, buses, and equipment to manage your assets successfully. uniGPS fleet management systems can raise your fleet’s productivity and vehicle utilization by reducing 30% of operational cost, 20% fuel cost, and increasing 20% fleet utilization. Real-time tracking offers vehicle travel information on an immediate basis and alerts and notifications will be sent to Admins.GPS trackers in fleet vehicles reduce Business costs such as:
*Fuel costs due to better route management
*Better utilization of company/fleet vehicles

*Maintenance costs due to poor driving habits
*Reports for journey and administration
*Costs associated with vehicle theft

6.Fleet Management Any Time Any Where -Built using smart technologies and available on Android and Browser desktops for your convenience-

uniGPS offers a Cloud-based Universal GPS IoT platform providing you real-time fleet information at your fingertips. Besides, business intelligence reports and much needed analytics to lower your operational costs and improve the top line. Manage your fleet anytime, anywhere with intuitive web and smartphone apps

Alerts and Notifications-Any time Any Where :
# Speeding Alert – It Generates if the vehicle travels at a speed higher than your specified limit.
# Maintenance Status Alert – Select any vehicle to schedule service and keep track of maintenance requirements
# Geo-fence Alert – It generates whenever a vehicle enters a restricted area or leaves the perimeter of a location or boundary you have specified
# Ignition On / Off Alert – An alert is generated whenever the ignition is turned on or off.
# Stoppages Alert – It generates whenever the vehicle is stopped longer than a time limit you have specified. You receive alerts and notifications in case your vehicle has started or stopped.

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