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Universal GPS Tracking | IOT FleetLytics Platform

Know your Field staff's real time location by uniGPS when they leave office!!

“COVID-19 has caused major economic crisis for businesses.We need to know how did the  businesses overcome from these disruptions from COVID-19.This pandemic significantly impacted  the way business can operate.Industries,factories and companies have been forced to monitor and implement remote working for the safety of their staff and customers.So, many companies opted for field staff tracking to increase the productivity ,safety and happiness of the employees. “

1. Still Thinking About the Benefits??
Here is what we are offering you!!

Intelligent Routing

uniGPS offers Intelligent Routing Technology. Using On demand Intelligent routing in uniGPS Fleet Management System, Admin can find the staff’s location and can assign the work schedules according to their convenience like who is nearest to the required location for field work. Here system will assist admins to choose the shortest and efficient route. By this system field staff can reach the particular location in a short period of time.

Monitor Employee Attendance:

Field staff tracking provides detailed reports on employees’ activity and  their current location details. Attendance report has features that make it a great  workforce live tracker. It’s very beneficial for small and large teams, for those who often travel as well as for remote workers. Managers can monitor staff’s activity and position for the safety of their employees and customers  with the help of this Field staff Tracking.

Helps to increase productivity:

uniGPS Field Staff tracking devices can help staff to keep their performance at the highest level.Its very easy to monitor working hours and activities of employees working in the field and also for people who are working in office. That’s why uniGPS Field staff Tracking has become in handy,which works as a Personnel Tracker. So,by using this Field staff tracking will increase the productivity ,safety and happiness of the employees. 


Helps to Assess client engagement:

Client engagement is complicated  but uniGPS Field staff Tracking helps to assess client engagement. However, if you want to grow your business, you should know how to measure customer engagement.This will be  easier to convert engaged customers and retain them.Fortunately, you can track your customer engagement with some useful techniques that will help you assess current location. 

Evaluate Team Performance:

uniGPS Field staff Tracking provides proof of real time field staff performance and also it gives information of  availability of customers.It can maintain daily ,monthly activity reports.And also it gives required information on your Field Staff’s attendance and Tasks Information.So, managers can easily evaluate the Team performance.

2. uniGPS Field Staff Tracking Features

# Information on real time location of your Team members 

# Manage daily attendance 

# Alerts and notifications from field staff about Tasks

# Track your customer details and Tasks assigned

# Generates daily and monthly reports 

# Monitor all your field staff 

# Proof for field staff performance

# Information on customers and tasks

# Easy route planning 

# Upload pictures for proof 

# Exporting data to CSV

# Geo-fence Time Tracking

# SOS button -Panic alert 

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